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General Ergonomics, Lift Equipment, Mats,
Monitor Arms and Computer Ergonomics

This page covers a variety of ergonomic aids you can deploy in your distribution center. Ergonomic aids go hand-in-hand with well laid out pack table. They can help reduce injuries and keep your workers more productive. Creating an ergonomic environment will enable your people to be happier and more productive and will have a very high payback (although the payback is not obvious).

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General Ergonomics

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Here are a few web sites with general ergonomic aids. These may help in your warehouse as well as in the office.

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Lift Equipment

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The less lifting, reaching, and climbing you have, the safer your work environment. Here are some ideas that will help your people to work more efficiently.

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Floor mats are very important for stationary work functions such as pack station personnel. They can also be used to make a softer walk in picking areas, especially in high volume picking areas. Just make sure that the mats don't interfere with your picking vehicles.

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Computer Aids

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Monitor arms and keyboard drawers can help to save space and make for more convenient access. You may also consider building a custom platform to hold your computer equipment and printers. Once you understand the work function, you can create shelving or equipment that is able to keep all essential components directly in front of the operator.

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