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Signage, LabelsPick Lists, Floor Marking, Repair

This page covers static storage, flow storage, and movable aisle systems. Included are pallet rack, shelving, flow rack, and roller flow systems. Each section provides a synopsis of the particular equipment as well as links to vendors that provide that equipment.

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Good facility signage makes a friendly and easy to navigate environment. It can help both visitors and new employees to quickly understand how an operation works. Signage should be simple and easy to read. Place signage over all major work areas, and create a map that uses the same names that you can hand out to visitors / new employees. Signage can be purchased from many general material handling supply catalogs or it can be created in house. You can also consider "electronic scoreboard" signs which can help your employees see how they are doing by providing real-time statistics on the facility operation.

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Durable and easy to read labels make the order selector's job easier, and reduce errors. You can print your own labels or you can buy them from a 3rd party. 3rd Party labels have the advantage that they are often more durable and don't peel off as easily. Some 3rd party labels are reinforced or protected to insure long life. It is possible to create specifications for labels, and even to send a database of locations to be printed to a 3rd party vendor.

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Pre-formatted stationary can help speed your pick and pack operation. For catalogers, forms exist which have pre-cut peel off labels (collates) that can be printed on demand and used as your carrier label. These same forms can provide peel off return labels and can be customized for other requirements.

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  • Chicago Tag - Label - - (800) 826-8260
  • Floor Marking

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    Clean floor marking can help create a more disciplined environment and create a more orderly operation. Floor marking can define truck / pedestrian lanes as well as drop and storage locations. Floor marking can also help define areas that are used for work processes and staging. A variety of options are available for marking floors, ranging from do-it-yourself painting, to professional marking, to various self-adhesive colored floor tapes.

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    Keeping your facility in good shape enhances productivity and promotes a safer environment. Below are a couple of areas that often need attention: Floor repair and pallet rack repair.

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