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This page covers a variety of equipment used for packing. It covers pack stations, ergonomic aids, void fill equipment, and in-line taping and strapping equipment.

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Pack Stations

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The table is the most basic component of any pack station. There are a lot of enhancements you can make to a rudimentary table to improve packing efficiency. Although you may not think about it, spending a little money on the table and ergonomics can have a very big payback over time since it enables the packer to do their job faster and with less fatigue. Saving just a few second per order adds up and can often create a payback that repays you investment in less than a year.

If you would like help designing a customized packing environment, click here.

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There are a lot of different available void fill systems, roughly divided into peanuts, pillows, bubble, or paper. Each has advantages and each has liabilities. Some systems dispense faster and some are more consumer friendly. Some biodegrade quicker. When choosing a void fill system, first think about your customer and what they will be happy with, then try out several different systems to see which works best for your company. Most equipment providers will give you a "loaner" machine as long as you are willing to pay for the supplies.

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In-line tapers can dramatically speed up the carton sealing process. Combine this with in-line void fill and you can easily double or triple productivity.

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Strappers can strap two packages together or reinforce a package with heavy or bulky items inside it. Strappers are generally not needed for most lighter weight products.

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