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Shipping Sorters, Tilt Tray SortersBomb Bay Sorters, Cross Belt Sorters

This page covers a variety sorters that sort out products as well as orders. For shipping, there are sorters that can sort individual cases as well as individual orders. Orders can be sorted to a particular truck lane. For item sortation, several different types of technology exist. Item sorters are generally quite fast and very accurate.

If you need help figuring out whether a sorter will work and what sorter technology will work best for your, click here.

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Shipping Sorter

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Shipping sorters can help get your products to their destination more rapidly. In a case operation, the sorter moves the cases to a shipping lane. In a parcel operation, the sorter will sort the product to one or more carrier lanes. Sorters range in speed from very slow to over 100 cases per minute. In most parcel operations a sorter in the range of 15 to 30 cases per minute is adequate. You can purchase a shipping sorter usually from a conveyor company, although tilt-tray sorters have also been known to be used as shipping sorters.

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Tilt Tray Sorter

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Sorters bring the product to the order. In operations where there is a great deal of commonality, this means that the fast moving SKUs can be brought to the sorter and inducted all at once, and the sorter takes care of figuring out what orders get the item and how many items to dispense. Even in situations where there is little or no commonality, a sorter can enable the picker to select many orders at once to a single vehicle, and then dump all of the items picked into the sorter without regard to the order that wants a particular item.

A tilt tray sorter is a special type of sorter where the product is placed onto a tray (either automatically or by a person) when the tray reaches the order, it tilts, dumping the product down a chute or into an order container. Tilt trays are among the fastest sorters available. Other types of sorters are the cross-belt sorter, the bomb-bay sorter, and the traditional conveyor divert sorter. In addition there are sorters that sort product with a 90 degree pop up rollers.

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Bomb Bay Sorter

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A bomb-bay sorter drops the product directly over the tote or carton. It can be used for relatively small products as well as for larger items, such as apparel. The bomb bay sorter tends to be simpler in construction and mechanical design than other types of sorters, so it is quite reliable and often the least expensive of the various sortation options.

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