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Bar Code Scanners, RF Scanners, Voice Terminals, In-Line Scale

This page covers various portable terminals, scanners, and verification systems.

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Bar Code Scanners

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Bar code scanners have been around since the late 60's. Today, they have become much more sophisticated with the addition of a variety of symbologies, including 2-d and micro bar codes. Bar coding is still one of the simplest and most accurate ways to verify work processes. Scanners vary in their ability to resolve bar codes and the minimum size that they can see.

See Also: RF Scanners and Voice Terminals

Vendor Links:

  • Cognex (Vision System) - - (508) 650-3000
  • Cognex (Handheld Scanners) - - (508) 650-3000
  • Honeywell (Formerly Intermec) - - (800) 755-5505
  • Wasp Technologies - - (866) 547-9277
  • Zebra (Formerly Symbol/Motorola) - - (866) 416-8545
  • RF Scanners

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    RF scanners are a type of bar code scanner that is portable, and it receives and transmits information using radio waves (radio frequency). These types of units are widely used in distribution center applications. Terminals can be rudimentary, or can be quite sophisticated with Pocket PC or other operating systems. New units are now able to be operated hands free using a back of hand or back of arm mount, and some units are even incorporating voice technology.

    See Also: Voice Terminals

    Vendor Links:

    Voice Terminals

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    Recently voice vendors have decided to license their proprietary voice technology to terminal hardware suppliers. The folks who make RF terminals are the ones who are most likely to have voice terminals (as voice technology is rapidly biting into the RF marketplace). These units truly are "terminals", and voice application toolkits are sold separately that can be used to create voice applications in much the same way that RF toolkits permitted creation of RF warehouse applications. Look for prices of voice units to continue to decline as the use of voice technology grows rapidly and competition heats up.

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    In-Line Scale

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    In-line scales provide a mechanism for checking the accuracy of an order without scanning the contents of all of the product in the case. In order for these devices to work, you need product which is not light weight and you must have a reasonable variability in order weights. If you product is very light, changes in packaging weights will create a lot of false positives.

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