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Conveyor, Monorails, Spirals/Elevation Changers

This page covers a variety of automated transportation systems including conveyor, monorails, and various systems that can help lift product or change levels.

If you need help selecting the appropriate conveyor technology, click here.

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Conveyors are one of the most common forms of automation found in the warehouse. They are used to get material from one place to another, and transport material between levels and areas. Conveyors can also be used to direct product to particular areas or sections of the warehouse under computer control.

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Monorail Systems

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Monorail Systems are very similar in function to conveyors, except that product rides underneath the monorail rather than on top of the conveyor. Monorail systems can be used to transport carts from one area to another or to transport individual boxes or totes just as a conveyor would. Finally, monorail systems are often used to bring single units of material into or out of a production area, such as a packing area where totes or empty boxes can be brought to the packer.

If you need help determining whether a monorail is right for your operation, click here.

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Spirals and Compact Vertical Equipment

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If you need to change levels in a tight space, consider a vertical reciporocating conveyor or a spiral incline/decline. These devices can get materials up or down in a very tiny footprint. They are more expensive than simple incline / decline conveyor, but sometimes they are the only answer that will work.

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