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Manual Carts, Mouse Cart, Pallet Jack, Man Up Truck / Stock Picker

This page covers transportation equipment used in the warehouse. Transportation equipment can be manual or powered. Manual equipment includes simple push carts as well as human powered scooter carts. Powered equipment is fueled by batteries or propane. There is a wide variety of powered equipment for a variety of storage and order selection applications. Some equipment can operate in very narrow aisles (5' or less). Other equipment permits a picker to operate in the air as if he was picking on the floor. Most powered equipment significantly increases an operator's speed over manual push equipment.

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Manual Carts

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Manual carts aren't particularly sexy, but they do act as workhorses for many order selection operations, especially those with smaller orders and light weight product. Carts have the advantage that they can hold more than one order, cutting footsteps in the picking operation. Carts can also store orders in three dimensions, and this may help to reduce congestion in the facility if you are picking a lot of smaller orders. Carts can be combined with high-tech software to create very efficient order batches and manage the puts to the individual order locations.

Vendor Links:

  • Eagle MHC - - (800) 851- 8980
  • Metro (carts) - - (800) 441-2714
  • Carts - - (877)666-JEKA
  • The Mouse Cart is an unusual device which permits the operator to "ride" on the vehicle like a scooter. The mouse cart can travel as fast as a pallet jack, and can hold a reasonable amount of material on the tray. RF units can also be mounted to the Mouse Cart. The company who created this device has a patent, and so there is only one supplier.

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  • Mouse Cart (human scooter cart) - - (559) 291-40010
  • Pallet Jack / Tugger

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    Pallet jacks excel at picking bulky or full case items. They can travel fast (twice the speed of a person) and can carry a large load. You can add an extra long fork and carry two pallets at once. Pallet jacks are very versatile and can pick order, load trucks, or transport pallets from one place to another. Equipment ranges from manual jacks to powered equipment that the operator rides. Pallet jacks operate only on one level.

    Another version of a pallet jack is a "tugger" which can haul a wheeled vehicle behind the unit. They have the same advantages as pallet jacks (fast and can handle a heavy load), but a wide variety of vehicles can be pulled ranging from baggage carts to a compartmentalized pick cart.

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    Stock Picker (Man Up)

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    A stock picker can help a picker to operate in three dimensions, rather than just on the floor. The picker rides on a platform along with a pallet or shelf that can hold his orders. Both cases and eaches can be picked. Smaller vehicles are available that act as "super ladders" as well as units that can carry an entire 3,000 lb. pallet with the picker. These vehicles are also great for replenishment. Because they are used to pick and put items rather than full pallets, they can operate in a narrow aisle (5-6'). Just make sure that if you have a narrow aisle set up that only one truck will need to operate in the aisle at one time.

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