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We work Exclusively for Our Clients

Warehouse Management Consultants (2wmc) specializes in developing simple, practical, and cost effective solutions to distribution problems. Our success is rooted in our 15 years of experience working in warehousing and distribution environments. 2wmc can help improve labor efficiency, simplify work processes, reduce costs, save space, and maximize profitability. We provide our expert advice quickly, giving you immediate results.

While 2wmc is experienced with all aspects of distribution operations, we focus on those areas that provide the greatest return on your investment. Order picking and shipping frequently provide the greatest opportunities. Our expertise includes small order picking for catalogue/e-commerce, store order picking for retailers, and material order picking for manufacturers

Results-Oriented Consulting

2wmc differs from other consulting firms in that we choose to earn your trust through superior performance and rapid results. Your project is broken into “bite-sized” pieces, starting with our first analysis and report. The initial report is designed to give you expert recommendations and money saving results right away – normally in less than 30 days.

In the initial report, 2wmc maps out a collection of recommendations and suggestions for you to consider. Each idea is presented with an objective risk/cost/benefit analysis, and educational background for ideas that are new to your company. Using this report, 2wmc works with your team to brainstorm both short and long term plans. From this process, your team decides which avenues are best for your company and what resources you will use to pursue them. 2wmc intentionally positions the initial report at the start the project, and this differentiates us from most other consulting firms. Many firms choose to save the “bang” until later in the business relationship. By positioning this crucial report at the start of the project, 2wmc is able to receive your feedback immediately, and your company can avoid spending money on areas that are not of interest to you.

Value-Focused Analysis

Unlike most equipment and service providers, 2wmc does not have a product or service to sell, other than our advice and expertise. Our sole objective is to determine which approaches will be in the best interests of your company, for both the short and the long term. In many cases, 2wmc will recommend solutions that involve only changes in existing equipment and processes. Such recommendations require little or no capital expense.

Of course, 2wmc will also make you aware of capital-based options and how they compare to lower-cost options in terms of risk/cost/benefit. In this way, you receive a continuum of options to consider, along with a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the benefits and limitations of each option. Many clients use this approach to immediately implement low-cost, short-term changes, while they begin to learn about and evaluate the benefits and costs of more capital-intensive solutions.

Client-Driven Outcomes

2wmc’s business model differs from those of many other material handling companies because we keep our efforts client-focused, by taking the time to thoroughly understand your company’s unique objectives and needs. 2wmc evaluates multiple solutions to determine those that will work best for your situation, rather than trying to fit your situation to a single solution.

Your company’s short and long term priorities are fully discussed and analyzed. 2wmc will also evaluate your company’s growth expectations and the impact of growth on future operations. Finally, 2wmc will take time to understand your company’s current financial climate, and how decisions are made about the spending of money for improvements and equipment.

Our recommendations are always presented so that you can choose from a variety of options ranging from limited and low cost to more sophisticated capital intensive solutions. We facilitate the exploration this range of solutions through meetings with your company’s team. In the end it is the team, using the unique business knowledge and experience of your members, that makes the final decisions and chooses the direction to take.

Our People

Every project undertaken by 2wmc is managed by an experienced industry expert, ensuring that you receive the highest possible quality of work. We employ only seasoned professionals from the industry, making use of specialized expertise on an as-needed basis. The people you meet during the sales process are the same people who will be working on your project.

Our Integrity - We work ONLY for You!

Because 2wmc values the trust you have placed in our firm, we honor this trust by making the following commitment:

Warehouse Management Consultants will work exclusively in your company’s interest to achieve the very best possible outcome. We hold all other relationships as secondary. We never allow an equipment provider, service provider, or other material handling firm to interfere with this primary commitment to your company.

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