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ABOUT US - Available Services

Team Building and Facilitation of Change

In every effort, we make sure we focus on your people as well as your facility.  We will include all of your company’s key members - both from within and outside the distribution operation.  Team participation in the process generally leads to a better solution and a sense of teamwork, pride, and cooperation.

Consulting Studies

Warehouse Audit -

A focused, fast paced review of your existing operation resulting in a report with specific advice and money-saving recommendations The warehouse audit is normally the first phase of any project and can stand alone or be followed by other services.

Conceptual Alternatives Analysis -

A study which builds on our initial analysis, and creates a collection of two or more different strategies involving changes to both layout and processes.

Reasonable Expectancy Studies -

A study that evaluates the ideal efficiency of an operation by breaking down every operation into a series of discrete tasks. This study can be used to compare your present operation to the industry standard or to compare two or more proposed alternatives in terms of their efficiency.

Data Analysis -

A study focused on company data, in particular your customer order data, to identify characteristics which can be used to simplify the operation and reduce labor.

Supply Chain Review -

A study evaluating your business supply chain. 2wmc will make recommendations for increasing efficiency, by looking at your existing logistics arrangement and your relationships with vendors and customers.

Specification Documents, Analysis, and Vendor Support

Equipment Requests for Proposal (RFPs) -

A document used to provide information to vendors to facilitate a competitive bidding process. 2wmc can create the RFP for any type of material handling equipment, and then perform a competitive comparison of RFPs returned from multiple equipment vendors.

Specification of Warehouse Management Systems -

A document used to provide information to prospective WMS system providers. 2wmc can create a formal specification to enable your company to go out to bid with or to use as a source document for a chosen WMS company. 2wmc can do this before or after a vendor is involved in the process, and can then assist with the vendor customization and implementation process.

Management Services

Vendor Management -

2wmc can insure that you are being treated fairly by your vendors and that you are getting the “biggest bang for your buck”. We will work to make sure that the vendor provides you the very best solution in terms of risk/cost/benefit.

Project Management -

2wmc can provide you with project management assistance. This assistance can include making sure that vendors comply with contractual requirements and coordinating site resources. 2wmc can also manage distribution software projects.

Design Services

Facility Design (CAD) -

This service provides a conceptual engineered layout using AutoCAD, which precisely locates all recommended equipment in your facility.

Visual Imaging and 3-D Rendering -

3-D visualization images can be created for any ideas we suggest, including full facility visualization. These images can be instrumental in presenting concepts in a way that both staff and senior management can understand.

Areas of Expertise

  • Catalog
  • E-Commerce
  • Health Care Supply
  • Contact Lens / Vision Supply
  • Retail Store Distribution
  • Wholesaler Distribution
  • Spare Parts Distribution
  • Manufacturing Distribution
  • Manufacturing Material Supply
  • Manufacturing Kitting
  • Grocery
  • Utilities

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