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We Realize that Time is Money!

At 2wmc, we understand the reason that you have hired us -- To help you improve your operation and save money by using practical, time-effective methods.  We know that the way to create happy clients is to provide outstanding value for the money invested (i.e. Getting to the bottom of the matter quickly).  We won't waste our time or your money on "pie in the sky" or "bleeding edge" ideas and technologies.  Instead, we focus on proven methods and strategies.  This doesn't mean that we won't tell you about special equipment when we believe that it could be beneficial, but it does mean that we try to stay grounded on the things that work.  Our most important goal is to make sure that you are getting the value you expect by giving you results that make sense - and that save you money - quickly!  The project methodology outlined in the sections that follow are designed to provide rapid results, and avoid wasted efforts, and false starts, which cost you money and slow a project down.

Our Project Approach Provides Maximum Flexibility

Our project methodology is designed so that each step that we take deliver beneficial results to your company.  We want to earn your future business through the results we deliver to you, so we are dedicated to providing money-saving results early in the project.  The "Warehouse Audit" is designed to serve as a navigation tool for the remainder of the project, while providing a wealth of valuable observations and recommendations to you.  This phase is normally completed within the first 30 days. The "Warehouse Audit" provides critical information on what needs to be addressed in your specific situation.  We don't try to determine the entire scope of the project before we've had a chance to learn about your business first-hand.  Working with your team, we then define the remaining items which should be accomplished. This approach permits 2wmc to create a customized program which is based on your company's unique requirements.  By using this approach, we don't waste time on areas where things are in good order, and we can then focus on the areas that deserve the most effort.

All projects follow a general path:

  • Initial Observation, Interviews, and Evaluation
  • Definition of Basic Design Criteria
  • Review of Observations and Proposed Design Criteria with your Team
  • Creation of Alternatives based on Team Feedback
  • Evaluation and Selection of Final Alternative
  • Development of Final Specifications and Implementation Plan
  • Selection of Equipment and Services
  • Management of Installation and Follow Up after Installation

Depending upon specific needs, 2wmc may also include:

  • Electronic Data Analysis or Orders and/or Inventory Information
  • Vendor RFP Selection Process
  • Procurement of WMS (Bar Code) Based System

Distribution Facility Optimization Project

The distribution facility optimization project is the most common service provided by 2wmc.  It often saves companies 10% or more on their overall distribution costs, and sometimes can save as much as 40% or more.  The phases or steps described below are normally followed sequentially, and each phase or step is designed to provide valuable information by itself, or in combination with the steps that follow.  The steps outlined in this section are designed to provide a logical path, resulting in a transformation of your distribution operation into a “state of the art” operation, with or without the purchase of new technology and equipment.

Depending upon your budget, 2wmc can perform only the initial “Rapid Assessment” or we can provide all the services listed.  The “Rapid Assessment” is designed to provide a substantial benefit very early in the project and develop a road map for future efforts. You are always in control of what steps are to be taken and when you want to do them.

The remainder of the Methodology Section explains in detail the variety of services which are available.  The actual services chosen for your company will depend upon your company's specific circumstances and your personal input.  Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to go through the various Methodology Pages.

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