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METHODOLOGY - Alternatives Evaluations

Development and Presentation of Conceptual Alternatives

In this session, we present “block diagrams” of various alternative layouts.  Each layout may have a different collection of equipment and all equipment and storage is sized based on rough estimates of actual requirements.  Final engineering of the equipment in these alternative is left to the “Engineering” phase.  The goal is to show general process and flow in your facility using various equipment alternatives.  There may be as few as 2 or as many as 5 different alternatives, and each alternative is contrasted in terms of capital cost, implementation effort, risk factors, system throughput, and rated maximum capacity.  The goal in this phase is to paint a rough picture of the alternatives, providing enough information to your team so that a reasonable educated decision can be made as to which alternative (or combination of alternatives) will best serve your company.

 Selection of Final Alternative and Definition of Requirements

2wmc will work with your team to zero in on a final alternative which may be one of the ones presented, or it may be a combination of ideas from several alternatives and/or feedback from your team.  Once the chosen alternative is agreed upon, the next step is to document the business processes, equipment, computer services, and systems that are required.  Going hand-in-hand with this, an implementation plan needs to be developed.

Integration with Business Systems and Business Processes

In this phase, 2wmc will consider how the selected alternative will be able to interface with your existing business systems and processes.  Factors will be considered such as current procedures and methods, existing computer facilities, existing physical facilities (equipment, location schemes, space, lighting, etc), and existing management methods.  2wmc will make recommendations for changes based on our knowledge of the selected alternatives and our assessment of opportunities to improve existing business systems and processes.  Again, your team is critical in the review of these recommendations and will be ultimately responsible for accepting, modifying, or rejecting individual recommendations.

Selection of Appropriate Equipment

Once we have zeroed in on an accurate definition of an alternative and the business system and process modification required, 2wmc will then begin to itemize the required equipment.  This equipment may include simple materials like shelving, more sophisticated equipment such as conveyors, support systems such as labeling and lighting, and computer systems or modifications.  The goal is to build a comprehensive list so that the next phase can be undertaken where the items on the list are procured.

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