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METHODOLOGY - "Rapid Assessment"

An Alternative to Slow and Expensive Consulting Projects

2wmc Provides a unique service that we call "Rapid Assessment". Although our Rapid Assessment report is delivered to you with a focus on speed, this crucial piece of analysis lays the foundation for the remainder of your optimization effort. In the Rapid Assessment process, we interview key distribution personnel and make careful observations of your facility. We look at things like space, simple equipment, product arrangement, labor issues, automated equipment enhancements, growth pressures, pressures from peaks and spikes, and the current level of computer support. We also look at the current state of your equipment, procedures, and processes.

The Rapid Assessment focuses on providing crucial management information in a very short time frame and at a low relative cost. As a result of the effort, we produce a report, which is presented to your key distribution personnel. In this report we summarize our observations, we compare your operation to others which are similar in size, we suggest short- and long- term opportunities, we inform and educate you on the available alternatives, and finally we collaborate with your distribution team to prioritize and organize these opportunities.

The process we follow will result in the development of a clear road map for your company to follow. While we would like to be part of that journey, you have complete control of how and when to proceed.

Rapid Review of Problems, Methods, Equipment and Technologies

We provide you a report and a review session is intended to go more in depth into what we observed and how your operation compares to other similar operations. We also provide an overview of available equipment and technologies. We give you an introduction to various equipment options, providing information on the costs, benefits, capacities, and limitations of each type of equipment. This session may include computer animations or actual product videos and literature. From this session, your team will get a feel for what is possible, and be able to hit the street running. .

Get to Know Us Without a Large Investment of Time and Money!

We designed the Rapid Assessment process to provide you with fast results and valuable information, and at a relatively low cost. We do this intentionally, because we know that you will see our value as a consultant, and it will also distinguish us from other firms. What you do beyond the Rapid Assessment meeting is up to you. You may use it to focus on quick and easy opportunities, or you may use it to begin a strategic planning process for longer term change. If you need more help at some time in the future, you will have a partner you can trust, who already knows your business.

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