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METHODOLOGY - Project Management

Management of Project Efforts and Vendors

2wmc can provide full project management services to our clients. We can help create project schedules, work with vendors to refine specifications, help solve unexpected problems, and oversee installation and testing of purchased systems and equipment.

We strongly recommend to our clients that they have their own project representative so that we can help get them up to speed with the project management process. By partnering with our client in the project management effort, we create a working environment that can provide a smooth transition to self-sufficiency when the installation and training portions of the project are completed.

Management of Vendors

With vendors chosen, and new facility work processes defined, the project moves into the implementation phase. In this phase, schedules are developed, vendors deliveries and installation schedules are coordinated, and training is planned and scheduled. 2wmc can coordinate and manage vendors to insure that the project installation runs smoothly, and that vendors comply with all specifications and safety requirements of their contracts. 2wmc can also provide on-site training and support for your management personnel and distribution employees.

Start-Up Assistance

When the day arrives to start using the new facility systems, 2wmc can help to make sure that this startup is successful. 2wmc starts this by providing training ahead of the “live” date, and then follows up with on-site support during the start up period to work though any issues that develop. These issues may involve training, procedures, or vendor coordination. In many cases, the issues involve a combination of these items. 2wmc will be there to sort through the issues to get to the bottom of the problem, and then direct the appropriate resources to straighten out the matter. In some cases, changes may need to be made to operating plans based on real-world experience with the new operation, and 2wmc can help define and document these changes.

Follow Up “Checkup” and Tuning

After you new facility has been in operation for a period of time, 2wmc can come in to do a follow up evaluation, looking for areas where further improvements are needed or where additional training and support would be helpful. In any complex operation, your team will learn new things from their experience, and it is helpful to make sure that this new information if folded into the existing facility operation plan, in written form, rather than left for management to remember and pass on. 2wmc can update procedures and make changes to the Facility Flow and Work Processes documents based on this new information. 2wmc may also recommend additional changes or improvements based on newly observed information.

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