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The Distribution Factor

"The Distribution Factor" is a FREE e-mail newsletter that is published approximately every 5 weeks. It covers a variety of topics related to distribution including order selection, packing, labor management, equipment, and software. Each issue has 4 different topic sections, including:

  • Feature Story: This is a general topic selected for importance to distribution managers.

  • Video of the Month: This is an interactive feature that provides a description of a current process or technology and includes an interactive video for the viewer to watch.

  • Technology of the Month: This section of the newsletter highlights a current area of software or technology that is of general interest to our readers.

  • Operations Spotlight: This section of the newsletter focuses on an operational challenge that is facing our readers, and it provides helpful ideas on how to address it.

Browse a sample issue:

     This Distribution Factor, Volume 1, Number 1: January 6, 2006

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