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I hope that you will find a variety of useful ideas and information here.

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Sam Flanders
President, 2wmc

Memphis, TN
Los Angeles, CA

2wmc was selected to assist Herbalife International with vendor selection for their Memphis and Los Angeles distribution center automation projects. These projects will ensure that Herbalife maintains its position as a leader in the health and nutritional products field. We've been helping Herbalife successfully manage their distribution growth since 1998!

We can help solve your material handling challenges quickly!

Distribution Consulting
Facility Layout
Warehouse Design
Technology Selection
Order Selection
Packing and Shipping Solutions
Value Based Solutions
Unbiased Advice

We can help cut costs and improve operational performance...

Internet Retailers Multichannel Distributors Medical /
Eye Care
Grocery Distribution

Direct to Consumer Manufacturing Distribution Nutrition / Health & Beauty Utilities / Governments

Don't Know What to Do

Struggling to Get More from You Distribution Center Without Breaking the Bank?

Our firm specializes in devising simple, low risk, time-tested solutions that can help you to ship more orders, save space, improve safety, and increase your order shipping accuracy. We use common sense strategies and affordable technology that always has a rapid payback. Simplify your work processes, improve ergonomics, and learn how to offer incentives so that you can attract and retain great employees. You decide the budget, and we will find the very best solutions available, designed to handle your unique goals and challenges.

Ready to Move Forward but Not Sure Which Direction To Go?

2wmc will objectively analyze your current operation and give you a variety of options ranging from easy to implement, low cost, and low risk ideas to longer term capital investments that have substantial paybacks. Our unbiased analysis will help you to select the right combination of technology and process changes. We base our analysis on years of distribution experience using objective scientific comparisons. We deliver easy to understand results, allowing you to choose the alternatives that best fit your current business needs and financial situation.

Our process insures that you choose the right combination of automation, software, and process changes by identifying implementation time, implementation risk, anticipated labor savings, and the projected capacity of each alternative.

Break Free with Rapid Assessment!

Reduce your Labor

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Order Processing Efficiency

Help your operation to break free from it's old habits and save 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars. 2wmc's Rapid Assessment Service is designed to quickly point out low cost opportunities as well as provide you suggestions for longer term equipment, software, and controls

Unlike many other consulting firms, 2wmc. focuses on delivering money saving results very quickly, usually in 30 days or less. We work with you and your team to provide recommendations tailored to your operation and your specific preferences.

Give us a call to schedule your Rapid Assessment appointment. You can't start saving money until you call!

About 2wmc:

2wmc is a national consulting firm helping clients with a variety of projects ranging from our fast paced "Rapid Assessment" to projects involving detailed layout and design. We can also help with unbiased vendor selection and project management. We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on client needs and respond quickly with high value solutions.

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